Scientific facts of the species Goniurosaurus


Species   Discoverer   Place of discovery
G. lichtenfelderi   Discovered in 1897 by Macquard   G. lichtenfelderi has a very interesting history.
        Geographically speaking, he can be found in many
        areas, such as province Provinz Cao Bang, Hai
        Phong, Lang Son, Quang Ninh, Bac Giang, Ha Bac,
        and Hai Hung. All those provinces are in North East
        Vietnam. When the scientists found a Goniurosaurus
         in Hai Duong in 1999, they first thought they had
        discovered a new species. They named it G. murphyi
        , which was amended by L. Lee Grismar very
        quickly. By looking at this species more closely,
        they found out that it actually was G. lichtenfelderi.
G. hainanensis   Discovered in 1908 by Barbuor   G. hainanensis was found in the province of Hainan
        belonging to the National Park Wuzhisan on the island
        Hainin in China.
G. araneus   Discovered in 1999 by Grismar   G. araneus was found in the province of Cao bang in
    and Vietz & Boyle   Vietnam.
G. luii   Discovered in China in 1999   G. luii was found in the province of Guangxi in China.
    by Grismar and Vietz & Boyle   After its discovery, many animals were caught, so
        that no exemplars can be found there anymore.
    on the island of Hainan in 2002   In 2005, a G. was found in the province of Cao Bang
    by Grismar   in North Vietnam. At first, scientist thought of a new
        species they had discovered, which turned out wrong.
    in Vietnam in 2005 by Thanh,   After further investigations, it was clear that the
    Truong, Zeigler and Grismar    exemplar they found was G. luii. This Goniurosaurus
        lives in three areas: the island of Hainin in China, 
        in the province of Guangxi in South China and in the
        province of Cao Bang in North Vietnam
G. bawanglingensis   Discovered in 2000 by Grismar   G. bawanglingensis was found in the north-eastern
        part of the city Bawangling. The city is part of a
        national park in the province of Hainan on the island of
        Hainan. First, scientists assumed that the exemplars
        they found belonged to G. luii, then they thought it
        belonged to G.a.. In 2002 Grismar proved that it is a
        species of its own.
G. catbaensis   Discovered in 2007 by Zeigler,    The original home of this species is North Vietnam.
    Truong, Schmitz, Stenke and   He was discovered in the province of Hai Phong on
    Rösler   the island of Cat Ba.
G. huuliensis   Discovered in 2003 by Orlov,   G. huuliensis was found in Huu Lien which is situated in
    Ryabov, Thein, Tao, Truong   Huu Lung in the province of Lang Son in North
    and Thu Cuc   Vietnam. Although discovered in 2003, the scientific
        description of this species was in 2008.
G. kuroiwae   Discovered in 1912 by Namiye   This species was found on the island of Okinawa,
        Kouri-Shima and Sesoko. The southern variety was
        only found on Okinawa.
G. orientalis   Discovered in 1931 by Maki   This species lives on 4 islands: Iejima, Tonaki-Shima,
        Aka-Shima and Tokashiki-Shima
G. splendens   Discovered in 1959 by Nakamura   G. splendens only lives on the island of Tokuno.
    and Ueno    
G. yamashinae   Discovered in 1936 by Okata   G. y. was only found on the island of Kume-Jima
G. toyamai   Discovered in 1994 by    G. toyamai was only found on the island of
    Ota & Tanaka and Grismar   heya-Shima.  After its discovery, it was first counted
        Iamong the members of G. orientalis. Further
        investigations by Grismar showed that it is a species
        of its own.



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