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This Goniurosaurus  species was discovered in Guoshanyao Village, Yingde in the Guandgong province in China in 2009.  It  was first described in 2010 and the scientific investigation showed that one had  found a new species. It received the name 'Goniurosaurus yingdeensis' according to its place of origin. It probaby belongs to the  Luii group due to its size, which is about 20 cm, and its slim body shape. The newly hatched animals are black/brown with thin white lines, which they will keep all their lifetime  in contrast to other species belonging to the Luii group. The tail has many noticeable white rings, which is another feature of this particular species.

a juvenile female - Foto by Jian-Huan Yang

The picture on the right shows a female Goniurosaurus yingdeensis.The remarkably beautiful colour of the young animals (see picture above) is gradually fading when growing up. Young  Goniurosaurus yingdeensis   bear a particular resemblance with  Goniurosaurus  bawanglingensis.

    a adulte female - Foto by JIAN-HUAN YANG
a male of Goniurosaurus yingdeensis - Foto by Sheng Zheng

Goniurosaurus yingdeensis - Foto by Jian-Huan Yang



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