Kume - Cave Gecko

This species is a very fascinating one. It is the only representative of Goniurosaurus which does not have red eyes. Its iris is golden yellow. Goniurosaurus yamashinae lives on the island of Kume. Goniurosaurus yamashinae is the biggest and most robust representative of the Kuroiwae-group. Some animals I have are 18 cm long. The basic color of their body is black with a yellow line pattern. There are no big differences in pattern at all.



Very young geckoes are black with white lines on their body. Recently hatched geckoes are already relatively big, which is a major difference to all other geckoes belonging to the Kuroiwae-group.


When growing up, the lines become yellow. Yellow dots on the black areas of their body become visible, some turn into bigger spots of different size.


This G.yamashinae is 5 months old.




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