Tokumo - Cave Gecko

The females usually lay 2 eggs three or four times a year. They start the oviposition in April and stop in September. Recently hatched animals are of black color with deep pink lines. They already show the typical color pattern of fully grown geckoes.



This species is the smallest representative of its genus and originally was found on the island of Tokuno. Female geckoes are approximately 14 cm, males are a little bit smaller. It has a very interesting color. Its basic color is black with pink lines on its body. This species sometimes varies in its color pattern, which is not the usual case.



When growing up, the pink lines slowly fade, but are still visible. The eyes are not as red as those of Goniurosaurus orientalis they even might be a bit orange.


The picture above shows an 8-month old G. splendens.

The picture on the right shows a 12-month old female G.splendens

Within the first year, the color of Goniurosaurus splendens is either light pink or even orange.





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