Chinese Tiger Gecko


This species can become 24 cm like Goniurosaurus araneus. Its body is very similar to Goniurosaurus araneus. Its basic color is grey brown, even a bit bluish, with a black pattern. In addition, it has red/orange lines. Goniurosaurus luii has red eyes like all other Goniurosaurus.







Recently hatched geckoes look similar to the offspring of Goniurosaurus araneus. They are black with white lines. Yet, there are a few exceptions. Some offspring hatched and already had deep orange red lines. They are relatively big when hatching.


Goniurosaurus luii, as he comes out the egg

When growing up, Goniurosaurus luii changes its color as well. First, the white lines become orange/red. The black becomes lighter and finally turns into grey/blue. The whole body is covered with little black spots. The tail is black with white rings.


Goniurosaurus luii with 3 months


The females, similar to Goniurosaurus araneus, usually lay two eggs approximately three times a year. I have kept those geckoes for three years now and the eclosion rate has always been 100%. It is not hard to raise the offspring. They eat very well and quickly grow up.


offspring of 2008







Goniurosaurus luii with 6 months




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