Vietnamese Cave Gecko




This species is very similar to Goniurosaurus hainanensis. Only very experienced breeders are able to tell these two species apart. One difference between the two is their size. Goniurosaurus lichtenfelderi is a bit smaller than Goniurosaurus hainanensis. It becomes approximately 14 cm long and its basic color is brown, even a bit grey. Of course, every individual has the typical lines on its body. These are yellow like those of Goniurosaurus hainanensis yet they are a bit thinner and not as intensive in color. This species as well has a black tail with white rings.






A clear difference between Goniurosaurus lichtenfelderi and Goniurosaurus hainanensis is visible when comparing the recently hatched geckoes. Goniurosaurus hainanensis has a clearly visible line on its neck which runs from one corner of its mouth, along the back of its head to the other corner of its mouth. Goniurosaurus lichtenfelderi has the same line, yet it is thinner and just on the back of its head. The offspring are black with white lines. Their tail is black as well with white rings, too.




Goniurosaurus lichtenfelderi, as he comes out the egg


and here after a hour




Goniurosaurus lichtenfelderi


Goniurosaurus hainanensis,  High land form

Goniurosaurus hainanensis, Lowland form


Goniurosaurus lichtenfelderi


After one month, the young animals change their color. The whole body slowly turns brown and the white lines become yellow or light orange. The gecko then gets tiny dark dots all over its body and the white rings around its tail slowly fade away. I only saw this happening with Goniurosaurus lichtenfelderi so early. Goniurosaurus hainanensis goes through the same transformation, but 4-6 month later when they are almost fully grown up. 6-7 months later, the yellow lines fade as well, they are still visible, yet not that much.



Those two pictures show the natural habitat of Goniurosaurus lichtenfelderi  in Vietnam. Goniurosaurus lichtenfelderi  lives in the dense primeval forest, yet not directly at the water like all the other Japanese Goniurosaurus. Goniurosaurus lichtenfelderi  is nocturnal. Like all geckoes, he is hiding during the day, usually in crevices or between roots of trees and bushes. There, it is always moist.




both Fotos by Rustam Bertiev




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