Okinawa - Cave Gecko



This species originally lives on the island of Okinawa, Kouri-Shima and Sesoko in Japan. It becomes 16 cm and its body is very slim. Its iris is deep red. The color pattern can vary very much. The body is dark brown or black with a yellow or orange pattern. There are two main varieties of Goniurosaurus kuroiwae. The northern form shows a vertical line pattern (side to side), the southern variety has a horizontal pattern (head to tail). Of course, some exemplars are in between and you cannot tell to which variety they belong.





southern form, Foto by Mr.Adashino


northern form



Recently hatched animals are black or dark brown with a red line pattern. In most cases, you can easily see to which variety they belong. But there are still some exceptions: Some young geckoes are dark brown with a yellow line pattern.

When growing up, they usually change their color. The red lining becomes orange and finally even turns into yellow. There are some animals which completely lose their pattern and their whole body becomes black or dark brown.

    this animal is 8 months old
    Goniurosaurus kuroiwae with 4 months

Two geckoes (northern variety) with a very nice irregular pattern


The same geckoes 9 months later (their pattern is exceptionally dark red)






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