Vietnamese Tiger Gecko




Island of Cat Ba in Vietnam


This species was discovered in Vietnam in 2007.  It belongs to the Luii-group and looks quite similar to Goniurosaurus luii.  I really hope I will get the opportunity breed this kind as well.

Foto by Dr. Thomas Ziegler   Foto by Dr. Thomas Ziegler


Those four pictures show the natural environment of Goniurosaurus catbaensis which was found on the island of Cat Ba in Vietnam. The island was declared a national park and is now protected. As shown, the whole island is a primeval forest with rock formations of different size.


all four pictures by Rustam Berdiev



Goniurosaurus catbaensis in his habitat, Foto by Dr. Thomas Ziegler

left Goniurosaurus catbaensis, right Goniurosaurus luii, one can clearly look the difference between Goniurosaurus catbaensis and Goniurosaurus luii at this picture,

  Island of Cat Ba, Vietnam
both pictures by Dr. Thomas Ziegler





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