Hainan - Tigergecko





Since 2011 I have this species in my inventory. Goniurosaurus bawanglingensis belongs to Luii - group and I would say it is the smallest member of this group so far. This species is very jumpy and has a lot of temperament. He's so scary, like the Japanese members of this genus. For me he is one of the most interesting representatives of the genus. In his home country, which is the Hainan - Island in China, he lives in the tropical rainforest. The area of ​​distribution is as the name suggests, in the city Bawangling. There should be only a small population of this species and for this reason, the rain forest declared a National Park.


The females of G. bawanglingensis have in between 3 - 4 clutches of 2 eggs. After about 65-75 days, depending on incubation temperature, the little hatch from the egg. Their basic color is dark brown to black with white to yellowish stripes. After a few days they start to recolor it very slowly, they on their bright colors and then a bright orange - brown. The juveniles eat greedily and they even come with feeding from her cave. With about 3 months it has changed color from a brown to a bright orange, and now even small black dots to light.



Goniurosaurus bawanglingensis 2 days old

  a young animal with approximately 3 months
two juveniles of G. bawanglingensis of 2012, 3 months old with different colors
left - an adult male

Up - two juveniles 3 months old

an adult female



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