Vietnamese Tiger Gecko




This species is one of the biggest representatives of Goniurosaurus. Under perfect conditions, it grows 24 cm. Its basic color is yellow/ochreous and it has a dark brown or black pattern. Concerning physical appearance, this species is very slim and has rather long limbs. Its eye color is red, typical for all members of this genus. Its color pattern does not vary very much. Recently hatched animals are black with white lines. Of course, they already have the typically red eyes. The offspring is relatively big due to the size of the eggs laid. Comparing young Goniurosaurus araneus and Goniurosaurus luii, there is only little difference visible.






Goniurosaurus araneus few minutes old

  the same animal after 3 months

When growing up, the animals change their color. The black color of the young geckoes fades becomes lighter and finally changes into red brown. The white lines become more and more yellow. Yet, Goniurosaurus araneus maintains the white rings around its tail.

                      these animals are 6 months old

adult Goniurosaurus araneus



Descendants of Goniurosaurus araneus 2008




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